Will the Radiology Openings Return?

Last year I blogged about the detoriating market for radiologists with regards to job prospects.  I’ve had several radiologists the past few months ask me the same question, “Will the Radiology Job market rebound?”

In short the answer is no.  Several factors are still in play that continue to hold the market down.  Those factors include:
1.  Radiology imaging volumes have not increased in many practices
2.  Several radiologists are not retiring or are only leaving the workplace on a part-time basis rather than completely retiring.
3.  Radiologists are more efficient with pacs and other time saving technology that allows radiologists to be more efficient and read a higher volume of films.
4.  Radiologists are reading higher volumes of films not because of the volume increases but because reimbursements continue to go down and radiologists are trying to maintain their income levels that spiked throughout the past fifteen years with the rise in imaging.

I don’t see this tread changing unless radiologists simply burn out from over-work and reading too many images.  Optomists say it is only a matter of time before the baby-boomers retire in droves and thus several more positions open.  I’ll blog on that more in the coming days.