The Needs for Radiologists are Back!!!

I hope you’re all well.  Eight years ago I blogged about the specialty of radiology being in a state of peril.  If you were a radiologist, there were few jobs open or available in 2011.  There certainly were not many locums radiology needs, if any at all.  Radiologists were graduating from fellowship and residency programs with few if any full-time positions to consider.  That’s not the case anymore.  Within the past twelve months, SMART Physician Recruiting has seen radiology openings and the need for both full-time and locums radiologists explode.  Our job opportunities and the needs of groups, practices and management companies has increased by over 600% in requests for SMART’s services.

SMART is responding with an impressive fill ratio for our clients.  We’ve placed nearly a dozen radiologists for full-time in just the past year and double that amount for locum tenens assignments.  SMART doesn’t believe in just submitting any candidate to our client.  Our mission statement is matching the right candidate in the right opportunity.  That takes discipline and a strong work culture focused on success and relationships.  We possess it here at SMART and as a result more and more hospitals, groups, practice and management company’s are seeking our services each day for radiology recruitment assistance.  If you need radiology recruitment assistance please Contact Patrick Moore, President of SMART Physician Recruiting at [email protected] or Zach Lefeber at [email protected] or call 800-913-0870 ext 1.

Contact the person and the company that has been radiology recruiting for nearly 20 years.  I am one of the industry experts within the radiology recruitment field.  I look forward to solving your problems and finding the right candidate for you.