The key to all relationships in life are formed through trust, transparency and accountability.  That’s why SMART doesn’t view our clients as just clients.  We use the word “partners” when referencing the physician groups, hospitals, healthcare systems and management groups that choose to strategically work and align themselves with SMART.


SMART is honored when one of our prospective partners chooses to sign an agreement to utilize our services.  The secret to our success in these relationships is to pursue results for our partners everyday and exceed their expectations.  We want our long-term “partners” to feel the same way they felt when they were just a prospective partner.  We should be pursing them and striving to gain their trust with the same passion and energy as if they are still a “prospect.”


It’s the focus on these foundational pieces of the relationship that have made SMART one of the most reputable healthcare recruitment companies in the industry.  Our transparency to our clients is unmatched in this industry. SMART shares with all our partners what we believe the market is requiring to pay a locum tenens providers.  Even better is we share with the client what our margin or fee is to the client with our costs of medical malpractice insurance that we provide for the physician or provider.  Very few if any physician recruitment companies will openly disclose their margins or fees unless the client or “partner” requests.  We do it in our opening discussions.


Besides transparency and trust, the final variable in creating sustainable partnerships is our accountability.  SMART has a defined screening and recruitment process for all of our candidates.  This process includes reference checking, NPDB reports, AMA reports, background checks and a comprehensive multiple phone interview process.  Thus when SMART submits a candidate to you for locums or permanent placement consideration we stand behind that submittal.  We are confident that if we made an error in our assessment that we will be held accountable.  If we lose a partnership because of a poor candidate we accept responsibility.  If a physician doesn’t show up for an assignment we will compensate our client for that missed work.  Accountability isn’t just saying you’re sorry, it’s action to making the situation right.  That’s why more and more prospective clients are becoming partners with SMART each month.