Full-time or permanent placement recruitment is the search for a physician that is seeking or considering new full-time employment. This recruitment need remains a vital part of the portfolio of services that SMART Physician Recruiting offers to hospitals, physician groups and healthcare management companies.

Exceeding Expectations. Every. Time.

Most of SMART Physician Recruiting’s relationships have started or do start with a new or prospective client that is seeking our services to assist them in hiring a new full-time physician to their group or practice. SMART has excelled over the years with this type of relationship. Our experienced team spends time learning about our clients opportunity. This includes developing an intimate working relationship with leadership. Through this relationship we learn about the culture and environment of the practice and opportunity. We also seek to understand what type of personality and skill-set are required to ensure that SMART presents the right candidate for the right opportunity.

This comprehensive process has enabled SMART to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. It’s a key reason why SMART has grown extensively the past several years. We continue to listen to our clients and meet their needs by following our mission: matching the right candidate in the right opportunity.