SMART Physician Recruiting’s Fee Transparency is why many of our clients are considering us “game-changers” in the healthcare recruitment industry.

SMART begins this transparent process by sharing with our (partners) clients and our physicians exactly what are fees are for full-time recruitment and locum tenens recruitment. This type of transparency is unparalleled in the healthcare recruitment industry.

Lower Margins.

SMART Physician Recruiting has significantly lower margins than many of the larger volume recruitment companies in our industry. We’re not afraid to share and be transparent with our partners (clients) what those fees and cost savings are to them and encourage them to compare with other companies.

Affordable. Long-term. Cost effective.

Providing fee transparency has helped us remove the common perception that locum tenens companies are costly and highly expensive compared to employed physicians.  When we share what our margin is with our partners (clients) they then see that our costs isn’t much higher than a standard employed physician on their team.  We are find that providing this transparent fee process is helping SMART gain and retain more partners (clients) that now look at SMART as an affordable, long-term, cost effective resource.

For our physicians, having lower margins often means that SMART is able to pay our locum tenens physicians a higher rate than our competition. Most company’s in our locum tenens industry charge the client a margin that is nearly 50% more than SMART.

Not only does SMART share their margin and fee amount to the (partners) client, but we also share it with our locum tenens physicians so they know what we are charging the client. This transparent approach allows SMART to quickly bond and gain the trust of our locum tenens or full-time physicians considering to work with us.

Trustworthy. Trusted.

In order to have trust you must be transparent.  Providing a  transparent fee structure has labeled us a trusted recruitment company that isn’t price gouging our (partners) clients. Physicians have noticed as well. This approach has been invaluable for SMART as we have a high retention rate of our locum tenens physicians who trust us and feel comfortable knowing the quality of services that SMART provides.

Fee transparency has also helped assist SMART with organic growth in our relationships with (partners) clients and physicians. Time and time again we are being referred to new (partners) clients and new physicians that are seeking a transparent, accountable and experienced recruitment company.