Relocating…Is it a good time?

It’s a word that is all too familar to a physician recruiter (relocating).  I recently had a few physicians ask me if they should relocate because they were concerned with selling their homes.

For emergency medicine physicians, relocating should not be an option that they should be concerned with at the moment.  Dozens of groups and hospitals are offering attractive relocation (moving) packages where the group will pay or assist in paying a mortage while the home is waiting to be sold.

We saw a lot of this in the corporate world in the 2000-2008 housing boom times.  Banks, corporations and other large companies shuffled management and executives to all parts of the country where they needed their people to be for 2,3 or 5 years.  A lot of that changed in late 2008 when the housing bubble popped and people couldn’t unload their homes and banks took house losses.

The economy is not growing at those clips of the previous boom period but it is stable and emergency medicine groups and hospitals are now again offering these “relocation packages.”

Sounds like a sound of an economy stabilizing.  Good luck on your job search.  We currently have a group in Wisconsin offering a $100,000 signing bonus for relocation.  These are attractive hospitals and communities in Wisconsin and Northern IL.

Welcome to Wisconsin!