Physician Recruiting Comments from Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore, President and Founder of SMART Physician Recruiting offers this tip for the best locum tenens experience.

How important is it for a physician to work with an experienced physician recruiter when considering locum tenens work?

I was asked that question recently when I was speaking to the director of  emergency medicine of a large Texas healthcare system.  I was promoting an experienced physician who wanted to provide locums tenens services on his off days.

I responded by saying this.  “Have you ever needed to make a minor home repair (Do it yourself job)?  You have plenty of choices these days when considering to buy products or equipment.

However if you are like me, perhaps you’ve never bought or installed a new trap for a bathroom sink.  Suddenly your choices change. You can go to the large retail box store (Home Depot, Lowes) where they will have the product but you are on your own for figuring out how to install it, or you can venture to your neighborhood hardware store.  At the neighborhood hardware store they specifically employ experienced tradesmen who know how to do many of these do it yourself jobs.  Not only can they point you to the correct products to purchase but they also can guide you on how to properly do the repair so you don’t need an expensive tradesmen to do the work.

Utilizing an experienced physician recruiter (Patrick Moore of SMART Physician Recruiting has over ten years of successful physician recruitment experience in hospital based specialties) is similiar to the local hardware store.  You’ll get better service, more knowledge of what you need and how to get it done.”

In summary, large physician recruitment companies will advertise they have all the current locum tenens openings, but many of their recruiters have less than two years of physician recruitment experience.  Turnover in the physician recruitment industry is greater than 60% per employee.

Thus, as a physician you are walking into an assignment where the recruiter knows little or nothing about the work and environment of your current locum tenens assignment.  Next time you want to work a locum tenens assignment with an agency or physician recruitment company, find out the history of the recruiter working with you.  How much do they know?  What types of situations have they placed locums physicians.  Why does this assignment appeal to them to advertise and match you?

Hopefully you’ll take this tip and advise when considering your next locums assignment.