Physician Networking tip from Patrick Moore

Is it important for physician to network in their field? It’s a question raised to me recently in a conversation with a emergency medicine physician from Texas. This physician had twenty years of private practice and academic experience in a handful of groups and systems in Texas.

The reason he asked me is because he was looking for a new position and wanted leads on opportunities. Naturally, being an owner of a physician recruitment company where it is my job to network and find openings and match the Right physician in the Right position, I told him yes it was important.

Staffing companies will always have a place in medicine despite the internet, but nothing can compare to networking and establishing relationships with your peers at meetings, conferences or conventions. Don’t feel like you have to market yourself to everyone, but just create a network of people whom you know trust you and value the work you provide.

Good luck and don’t forget, It’s a Good Idea to Get SMART.