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Patrick Moore
President & National Director of Recruitment


Besides the duties and roles of being the President of SMART, Patrick Moore is still intimately involved in all the specialties of recruitment and account management at SMART.  His seventeen years of experience in physician recruitment are a key reason that all potential candidates are reviewed by Patrick Moore each day.

Beau Kairis
Emergency Medicine Account Manager

Beau is one of our EM account managers in our emergency medicine division.  Beau manages several key clients of SMART.  He is the main contact for those clients and is the single point contact for the physicians that SMART represents to those clients.  This philosophy has been widely acclaimed by our clients and physicians as they receive the answers and service they require in a timely and efficient manner.

Jordan Brezinski
Hospitalist Account Manager, Physician Recruiter

Jordan is a critical team member to our recruitment and sourcing of hospital medicine, critical care, primary care physicians and physician extenders.  His diligence and exceptional organization skills are paramount with the screening and interviewing of all candidates in these areas of medicine.

Zach Lefeber
Emergency Medicine and Radiology Account Manager

Zach is the account manager of two specialties at SMART.  He manages all of our radiology partners (clients) with the aid of Patrick Moore.  Zach also handles one of two current large portfolios of emergency medicine business.  For those partners (clients) he is the main contact for them.  Zach also has a direct relationship with each physician and physician extender that SMART represents in these two specialties.  This collaborative approach allows us to produce prompt, concise and accountant answers for both our partners and our physicians.

Luke Hammond
Anesthesia Medicine Account Manager and Emergency Medicine Recruiter

Luke is a rising star on the SMART recruitment team.  Besides recruiting and sourcing candidates for our emergency medicine account managers, he also has graduated into an account management role in our growing anesthesia medicine department.  Luke, originally from England, is a natural listener.  This attribute has helped him excel at developing relationships and matching the right candidates with the right opportunity or position.

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