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Patrick Moore 01 2018

Patrick Moore
President & Director of Operations


Besides the duties and roles of being the President of SMART, Patrick Moore is still intimately involved in all aspects of recruitment and account management at SMART.

Patrick has over seventeen years of experience in physician recruitment.  All  potential candidates are reviewed by Patrick Moore each day before they are submitted to our clients (partners) for consideration.

Patrick also is the National Director of Client Development for SMART.  Patrick works very closely with all of SMART’s account managers in their departments to pinpoint which potential clients have needs that we can assist and solve their staffing shortages.

SMART’s client development philosophy is not just finding physicians for our clients, but making sure that SMART and the potential client are an ideological match.  SMART is not just another locums and physician recruitment company.  We have a core philosophy that is unique and client focused.   We seek clients (partners) that desire a company that is transparent, accountable and only presents the right candidates for the right opportunity.

Beau Kairis 01 2018

Beau Kairis
Director-Emergency Medicine 

Beau is one of our account managers in our emergency medicine division.  Beau manages several key clients (partners) of SMART.  He is the main contact for those clients and is the single point contact for the physicians that SMART represents to those clients (partners).

Having Beau be the main point of contact for our clients (partners) and the main point of contact for the independent contractors (physicians) insures that SMART is meeting our mission of matching the right candidate in the right opportunity.

Beau has several years of account management experience with both small private EM groups and large healthcare management companies.

Beau is also widely acclaimed by SMART’s clients (partners) for his high success rate of submitting physicians that are accepted for either locums or full-time placement with our clients (partners).  His accepted physician submittals or recommendations to our clients (partners) are over 80%.  This is by far one of the best candidate submittal to accepted rates in the industry.

Jordan Brezinski 2018

Jordan Brezinski
Director-Hospitalist Medicine, Primary Care, Critical Care

Jordan is the Account Manager of Hospitalist Medicine at SMART.  He manages several key hospitalist clients, as well as, specializes in primary care and critical care medicine services.

Jordan has multiple years of management and recruitment experience and is widely praised by our clients (partners) as being highly organized, an excellent communicator, and a relationship builder.

Like all of our account managers, Jordan is the main point of contact for our hospitalist clients (partners) and our hospitalist independent contractors that work with SMART.  Jordan’s clients have routinely told SMART that they love the fact that he has a direct relationship with his physicians so they know we are presenting the right candidate for their opportunity.

Jordan works closely with Patrick Moore, SMART’s President and National Director of Client Development, to grow our hospitalist medicine and primary care division.

Zach Lefeber 2018

Zach Lefeber
Director of Radiology
Account Manager of Emergency Medicine

Zach is the account manager of two specialties here at SMART.  He manages all of our radiology partners (clients).  Zach also manages several key accounts in our emergency medicine business.

Like all of our account managers at SMART, Zach is the main point of contact for all our clients (partners) and the main point of contact and relationship builder for all of SMART’s independent contractors (physicians) .

Zach is an experienced account manager and has several years of physician recruitment experience as well.  With the assistance of Patrick Moore, SMART’s President and Founder, Zach and SMART continue to be major players in radiology recruitment.  Zach is one of the leading voices in radiology recruitment of both locums tenens and permanent placement.  SMART and Zach are working with dozens of groups across the country in radiology recruitment.

Zach is widely liked by all of SMART’s clients because of his attention to details and his prompt and honest communication.

Luke Hammond 2018

Luke Hammond
Director-Anesthesia Medicine (Physician and CRNA)

Luke is a rising star on the SMART team.  He is the national account manager for all of SMART’s anesthesia and CRNA business.

Luke, originally from England, is a natural listener.  This attribute has helped him excel at developing relationships and matching the right candidates with the right opportunity.

Like all of our account managers at SMART, Luke is the main point of contact for both our clients (partners) and our physicians (independent contractors).  Luke and our anesthesia team do a large amount of full-time physician and CRNA placement as well.   This is both for small, privately owned groups and large anesthesia management companies

SMART’s clients (partners) and independent contractors love Luke (not just for his British accent) but because he is razor sharp in his attention to detail, communication skills and his integrity to following SMART’s mission of presenting the right candidate for the right opportunity.

Megan Lynch 2018

Megan Lynch
Director-Advance Practice Providers (APP)
Recruiter-Emergency Medicine

Megan is a former Registered Nurse with a vast amount of clinical experience. She is an experienced Emergency Medicine Recruiter as well as the Manager of our Advanced Practice Providers department. Megan’s flexibility and healthcare experience as a Nurse allow her to be highly successful at working in two departments.

Carly Backes 2018
Carly Backes
Emergency Medicine Recruiter
Director of Vendor Management

Carly is an experienced recruiter that has recently joined our emergency medicine recruitment teams.  Carly’s main focus is profiling and screening emergency medicine physician candidates so that we can properly identify the right opportunity for them.  Carly brings multiple years of recruitment experience to SMART.  She also will be assisting the President of SMART and the account managers of SMART with research and lead generation of client development services.  Like many of the SMART staff, Carly is born and raised in Wisconsin and is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan.

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AJ Schultz
Radiology Physician Recruiter

AJ Schultz brings prior healthcare recruitment experience to the SMART team. He worked for over two years in the Milwaukee area with another healthcare recruitment company. We are proud to have him on our team. AJ’s focus will be working specifically in radiology sourcing and recruiting candidates for Zach Lefeber. AJ was born and raised in the Milwaukee Metro area and has a passion for musky fishing in his off time.

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