SMART Physician Recruiting was founded in December of 2010.  With over ten years of healthcare physician recruitment experience, we seek to establish a new philosophy and approach to an industry that was desperate for better service and accountability.

SMART is founded on three core philosophies (transparency, accountability and experience).


SMART is transparent to both our partner (client) and our physician relationships.  For our partners (clients) we provide transparency in how we recruit, vet and source our candidates and we also provide a transparent fee structure.  We share with our partners (clients) what the physician fee rate is and what our fee and medical malpractice insurance costs are for each assignment.

For our physicians, SMART is transparent in our OPPORTUNITIES page of our web-site.  We openly show potential candidates where our locations are, what they compensate and all the intimate details of the assignment.  Potential candidates are free to review opportunities on our site without a single connection from a member of our SMART recruiting staff.


SMART has a very detailed recruitment process for both our partners (clients) and our physician candidates.  The process for our partners (clients) involves an in-depth interview with our partners (clients) main point of contact.  In this discussion SMART’s account manager listens closely for intricate details about our partners (client’s) practice profile, work environment, culture and pain points of why the position is open.

Equally as important are our screening and interview process with our candidates.  After a candidate either applies for one of our OPPORTUNITIES or one of our staff connects with a potential candidate, the screening and interview process are meticulous.  The recruiter is seeking to find all the facts about who the candidate is, what type of work they’d like to do, are they qualified for the position they’re seeking and most importantly are they the right match for that opportunity.

SMART’s Mission is to only present qualified candidates to our partners (clients) that match their criteria for consideration.  Thus we are accountable to only considering the Right candidate for the Right opportunity.


With fifteen experienced staff members, SMART’s team possess over 40 years of combined healthcare and recruitment experience.  All candidates for consideration are screened and vetted by a highly qualified team and a defined and proven recruitment process.