Please review the administrative team of SMART Physician Recruiting and learn what their valuable functions and service our to our company.

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Kathy Dane 2018

Kathy Dane
Accounting Assistant

Kathy is the Accounting Assistant for SMART.  Kathy processes all timesheets and expenses for SMART’s independent contractors.

Besides those accounting duties, Kathy is also a crucial member of our team that works closely with Patrick Moore to provide the essential reports and documentation to make sure that our partners (clients) are receiving timely invoices that are legible and detailed to our partners (clients) specifications.  She also is in charge of all accounts payable of SMART that includes paying our independent contractors according to their contracted date of payment. Kathy possesses over 15 years of experience in these roles and is well received by all.

Angelia Harris 2018

Angelia Harris
Director of Licensing and Credentialing


Angelia is the Director of Licensing and Credentialing for SMART Physician Recruitment.  She has over a decade of valuable experience in both of these fields.  Angelia is the leader of our credentialing team and prides herself on effective communication and organization of documents and applications for our physicians and partners (clients).  She is the epitome of going above the requirements to get the job done well and efficiently.

Jenny Cox 2018

Jenny Cox
Travel/Administrative Assistant

Jenny coordinates travel for all independent contractors that work with SMART Physician Recruiting.  This may include reserving hotel rooms, booking rental cars and booking airline flights.  Jenny assists and coordinates nearly all of SMART’s independent contractors.  She insures that the appropriate and best travel arrangements are made for them.  Jenny is well known with nearly all of our independent contractors because of her exceptional personality and level of service.

Mariah Rogers 2018

Mariah Rogers
Credentialing Specialist

Mariah is a highly skilled and experienced Credentialing Specialist with nearly five years of credentialing experience. Mariah previously worked for one of South East Wisconsin’s largest physician owned groups as a Credentialing Specialist. We are fortunate to have her skills and experience on our SMART team.

Cathy Radtke 2018

Cathy Radtke
Administrative Assistant

Cathy is an Administrative Assistant for the recruitment team at SMART.  She works closely with the recruiters posting jobs and supports other departments.

Cathy also handles special projects throughout the year for our administrative team.  She is also the editor and content manager of our blogs and content for the blogs on our website.

Sherri Schmidt 2018

Sherri Schmidt
Credentialing Specialist

Sherri is also an experienced licensing and credentialing specialist for SMART.  She worked for over five years with a large, regional dermatology group where she managed and oversaw a variety of important functions including medical staff credentialing and licensing.  She has brought that valuable experience and knowledge along with a glowing personality.  Those traits are well received by our physicians and partners who enjoy conversing with Sherri as she provides top shelf service.

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